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Frequently Asked Questions
The adult industry is very competitive and it is important that you know how adult web sites work. Be very careful with adult web site business companies because they often take advantage of the inexperienced investor! Here are some ways they will try to rip you off.
Q: Who really owns the site I buy?
A: You DO! Some companies charge you thousands for a site that they really own! What they do is take a pre-made site and just change the name slightly and tell you it is yours. Watch out! If you really own a site you should be able to do anything with it. Can you hire a different design company to modify it? Can you change the links on it? Ask questions and read the fine print, you may discover that the company giving you a sales pitch is really only leasing you a site for an inflated value. When you get tired of paying their maintenance fees they will take that site from you and resell it to someone else!

Adult Website Business owners own their site completely. If you want to make changes to it you are free to ask us for help but you are also free to do it yourself or even hire another company. The domain name ( is registered to you and you are the owner.
Q: Are there hosts that hose you down?
A: YES! (but not us) There are two parts to owning a web site. The first is having a domain registered in your name. The second part is hosting. All web sites sit on a computer that is hooked up to the Internet called a server. Hosting companies specialize in having servers connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. Quality hosting companies are experts in keeping their servers running around the clock and ensuring they have backup facilities in case something happens like a power outage or other problem.

But just because hosting is valuable doesn't mean you should pay an arm and a leg for it. Many companies rip their clients off by insisting they commit to excessive hosting fees, sometimes in excess of $20, $30 or even $50 a month. What's even worse is that they sometimes ask their clients to sign contracts forcing them to lose their sites if they try to change hosting companies!

Adult Website Business owners can enjoy hosting from us for as low as $8.95 per month. But because they own their sites they are free to use any hosting company they wish. It is your site so it should always be your choice!
Q: Are there recurring content fees?
A: NO! Some companies try to charge their clients for monthly content fees. Paying for content is sometimes a good idea for large sites, however it is not necessary. AWB sites allow you to earn money by promoting adult services from affiliate partners. AWB partners provide content for your site for free because you are helping them earn money as well as yourself!
Q: Do you cut into my profits?
A: NO! Some companies keep control of their clients sites so they can take a piece of the revenue generated by their clients. Adult Website Business owners keep all of their payouts. As an AWB owner, you are helping the partners get new clients and you are being paid for that. We do not take apiece of your revenue.
When dealing with adult turnkey companies, always ask yourself what you are paying them for. If you paid a company thousands for a site, why should you pay excessive hosting or maintainer fees? Why should that company have a claim on the revenue the site generates if you paid for it? If you hire a construction company to build an apartment building do they deserve a piece of the rent? How would you feel if they told you they would keep title to the building and you would lose it if you wanted to change the sign out front? Be smart with your money so you can make more money! Click Here to Learn More

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